Egypt at your own pace

Egypt’s warm beaches, rich culture and friendly locals are only a 5 hour flight from the UK, making it a hugely popular destination. But is it possible to explore Egypt independently without getting caught up in tourist throngs? We believe you can. Giza's pyramids and Tutankhamun's tomb are fascinating, but Egypt also has far more to offer. With a little careful planning your trip can become a great adventure, especially if you add Egypt’s more hidden attractions to your itinerary. Experience the Agatha Christie-style romance of the Nile aboard an elegant Dahabiya, our atmospheric alternative to a standard tourist cruise. For the ultimate 1001 nights sensation, sleep in a desert oasis surrounded by glowing lanterns beneath a bright starry sky.

We specialise in independent Egypt travel, so you’ll often travel with your own personal driver, helping you avoid the crowds. You'll stay in locally-run guest houses in traditional villages, bedouin desert tents and felucca boats on the Nile. At the end of your trip, you can relax on the shores of the Red Sea - the perfect place to end your Egyptian itinerary. We’ll help you build a truly unique Egypt adventure.

What does Ancient Egypt Holidays have to offer?

Ancient Egypt Holidays lets you build your own unique, independent Egypt travel experience by giving you a wide choice of bite sized Egypt adventure tours (modules). These are short travel experiences lasting 3-4 days which have been carefully created by our team of Egypt travel specialists who each have a personal in-depth knowledge of Egypt. Our accommodation options are selected based on authenticity, atmosphere and comfort. 

Most people who travel through Egypt hire a car and driver for more flexibility during their trip. During our desert adventures, a driver with expert desert-driving skills will take you through the desert in a rugged 4x4. Large distances are generally covered by domestic flights.

We also offer several Egypt itineraries. You can use them as inspiration or simply book them off the peg. As you’re not paying for glossy brochures and a travel agent shop, we’ve managed to keep the prices affordable.


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