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You can build your own personal Egypt itinerary using our bite-sized Egypt adventure tours, usually lasting 2-5 days. We’ve traveled far and wide in Egypt and constructed our tours from some of the most interesting places we've visited. We've chosen as many small, authentic hotels and family run guesthouses as possible, as we feel that this is all part of a really rewarding Egypt experience. Simply choose the mini Egypt adventure tours that catch your eye, and we'll string them together using a mix of local and private transport.

If you need some inspiration for your Egypt trip, then take a look at our Egypt itineraries. Here, we’ve combined a number of our bite-sized tours in to create complete Egypt itineraries. However, modifications are still possible to these itineraries, for example a day less here, a day longer there etc. Once again, you're in charge.

How to book your Egypt trip

There are 3 easy steps to traveling in Egypt with Egypt Travel Plan:

1) Simply select the combination of bite-sized tours or a suggested itinerary that you are interested in. Submit these details along with any other comments to us by emailing us on

2) We will then send you a detailed quotation for the trip you've chosen (naturally this quote can be adjusted to reflect any changes you prefer).

3) Once you have finalized a Egypt Travel Plan you are completely satisfied with it and want to book, you can submit your details via the online booking form.

You can always contact us by email at
We'll be on hand to help with any questions about our product and traveling in Egypt.

Travelling in Egypt - camel safari
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