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Need help deciding which tour to go on in Egypt? Imaginative Traveler began in the Middle East so it is not surprising that we offer an incredible choice of tours to Egypt as well as various combinations with other destinations. However with nearly 30 tours to choose from, making a decision could be tough! To help you narrow down your options we have categorized our trips below in the hope that this will help. Or call/email our sales team, many of whom have been on tours to Egypt themselves so can speak with authority!

* Treasures of the Nile Valley – traveler style, a leisurely fortnight from Cairo to Aswan plus Alexandria
* Nile Safari – traveler style, from Cairo to Aswan in just 8 days
* Nile Rover – adventurer style from Cairo to Aswan in just 8 days
* River and Reef – adventurer style, combine Nile Rover with the Red Sea in 11 days
* Cruising on the Nile – an independent non-group trip departing weekly, from Cairo to Aswan in 8 days

Trips involving a felucca cruise (all adventurer style)

* Felucca Sailtrek – 9 days including a 2 night cruise plus Cairo, Luxor and Aswan
* Felucca Journey – 13 days as per the Felucca Sailtrek plus Red Sea
* Nubian Sailtrek – 8 days with an overnight cruise to a Nubian village
* Sailtrek & Sinai – 16 days with a 2 night cruise plus Cairo to Aswan, Red Sea and Mt Sinai visit
* Beyond the Pyramids – 16 days with a 2 night cruise plus Cairo to Aswan, Red Sea and Sinai trek
* Nile & Beyond – three weeks combining Beyond the Pyramids with Alexandria and Siwa Oasis

Trips involving deluxe cruise boats

* Egypt in Style – connoisseur style, an all-encompassing tour from Alexandria to Abu Simbel
* Timeless Egypt – connoisseur style, cruise on the 5 star Dahabiya, sites from Cairo to Abu Simbel

Extensions and City Starter Tours

* Bedouin Trails – adventurer style, an 8 day addition to Mt Sinai and Red Sea
* Alexandria & Siwa Oasis – adventurer style, a 7 day addition to Alexandria and Siwa
* Sahara and Sinai – pioneer style, a challenging 16 day expedition to Sinai and the Western Desert

City Starter Tours

* Cairo City Starter Tour – make the most of your time away on a 3 day in depth city tour
* Alexandria Extension – a day trip which can be added to most of our tours in Egypt

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